Established in 2014 and Incorporated in 2016, Lock’n’Load Films is a production company creating tailored content in relation to the multiple platforms that audiences now use to view motion picture in our modern era.

During our first year Lock’n’Load Films initiative was to collaborate with young emerging talent from colleges and universities providing hands on work experience while working alongside experienced filmmakers producing low budget but large scale short films.

Many of these young opportunists have now gone on to secure employment within the industry at companies such as Channel 5 or become successful freelancers whilst continuing to maintain close working relations with Lock’n’Load Films.

Lock’n’Load Films is now formulating its services continuing to both produce its own independent films and also working with clients to develop their creative content.

Utilising our own in house facilities we can see a production through from concept to script, through production, and then editing/post production.

Our in house team consists of talented Screen Writers, Producers, Directors, Editors and Cinematographers and extends out to CGI/Graphic Artists and Sound Editors operating from their own dedicated studios. We also continue to expand on our dedicated team of freelance talent, highly proficient within their own skillset.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange an informal meeting/discussion, Lock’n’Load Films look forward to discussing your projects with you.